Learn more about Climb Above Addiction and how the Plymouth State University ENACTUS Team and Social Entrepreneurship students are supporting prevention, treatment and recovery.

The 4th Annual Climb Above Addiction will be taking online on April 17th from 11am-3pm. 

Webinar Recordings Now Available

“The Social Media Long Game” presented by: Cindy Pierce, Author, Speaker and Comedic Storyteller

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Combining research and stories in her presentations, Cindy Pierce aims to increase awareness of kids’ social struggles and to equip parents with talking points and ideas for ongoing conversations with their kids. Because there is universal acceptance of being attached to our phones, it is easy to avoid these conversations. A high level of concern about the long-term consequences of excessive screen time if on the minds of most parents, yet they feel powerless to make change.

“Cultivating Love and Connection In the Lives of Our Children As They Navigate Pain and Disconnection” presented by Dr. Jessica Dutille

Youth are experiencing severe pain and disconnection at alarming rates, which is reflected in the increase of mental health issues, substance use, bullying, violence, self-harm, and suicidal ideation. As a society, we can no longer afford to perpetuate disconnection and separatism while our children suffer the consequences. Instead, we need to teach them how to love themselves and to develop healthy connection inward and outward. Join Dr. Jessica Dutille for this webinar that explores research on love-based practices, such as mindfulness and meditation, and how these can be applies in not only transforming our children’s lives but also our own.

“Not in the Playbook” from featured speaker Chris Sullivan

Former NFL player Chris Sullivan shares his own personal battle with addiction, the dangers of alcohol and drugs and his amazing journey to recovery.

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Positivity Campaign- Led by CADY Youth Leaders

Our Positivity Campaign, led by CADY Youth Leaders from the Youth Advisory and Advocacy Council (YAAC) and Junior Action Club (JAC) will brighten your day as you drive by the CADY Office and throughout the Newfound Region. Thank you to our amazing young leaders for their handmade signs to help lift spirits during this difficult time.

Resilience: The Art of Bouncing Back

Presented by: Dr. Maria Sanders, PhD, JD, MBA

Join Dr. Maria Sanders for a philosophical discussion on strategies we can take to develop resilience and live full and flourishing lives during the global pandemic.

Dr. Sanders is an Applied Philosopher with an expertise in scholarly research in happiness, place, and the impact technologies are having on meaningful communication and experiences. She will share some practical steps we can take to minimize fear and stress during a time of uncertainty, while distinguishing between reckless and responsible risk taking.

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