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Nora Doyle’s Letter

Greater Substance Misuse Problem


We are writing to thank you for your past support and to announce the launch of our 2019 “Stronger Together” Annual Giving Campaign for Children and Youth.

CADY is celebrating 20 years of community partnerships and success. The accomplishments of these past 20 years have not happened in isolation; rather, they are the result of community members coming together with a common goal of reducing youth substance misuse. We hope you will take a moment to review our enclosed “Stronger Together” flier which highlights our collaborations, programs, and contributors.

Tragically, addiction is still stealing the lives of our young people with 471 overdose deaths in NH last year. This represents the fourth highest overdose death rate in the nation. Substance abuse and addiction cause an incalculable amount of human misery, trauma, and pain. The most responsible, cost-effective, and humane strategy is to stop these devastating situations from occurring in the first place.

Our collective action has the power to transform lives. How? By preventing youth substance misuse and building resiliency through high-impact positive youth development programs, experiential learning, skill building, mentoring, and connections to their community. Emerging research shows that for youth to thrive, even amidst challenging life circumstances, what they need most is to be encircled by caring adults. That is the essence of the vital work of CADY.

Each year our funding needs grow because our kids are confronted with ever-increasing challenges. Because you support the work of CADY, we have resources to surround and support the youth of our region, however, we can only do this with your continued partnership. We are indeed stronger together. Thank you for your consideration.

Our wish for all is that we use this special time of the year to breathe freely, love deeply, and give generously. We wish you much peace and happiness in the coming year. Happy Holidays!


Michael Conklin        Deb Naro

Board President        Executive Director

Click here to view our “Stronger Together” Campaign

Be a Difference Maker—DONATE TODAY!

CADY is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your gift is tax deductible as allowed by law.

CADY is a nationally recognized, award-winning non-profit organization that has made real and long-lasting impacts on the lives of young people who are threatened daily by the drug epidemic that NH is experiencing. Last year over 430 people in NH died from drug overdoses. The most responsible, humane and cost-effective strategy is to stop these serious and tragic situations from occurring in the first place.

That’s why your investment is so important!

CADY’s innovative work prevents and reduces substance abuse and promotes the vital relationships and connections youth need to thrive. It also provides the tools for local communities to prevent the high costs and harms of substance abuse.

We often say that “Prevention is Everyone’s Business.” It is impossible to fulfill our mission and achieve our vision without the support of our community.   You inspire us to reach beyond expectations and we will continue to do so with your help. Together we will build possibilities, potential, and promise for our youth.

Thank you for considering a donation to CADY—it will prevent substance misuse, addiction, and save lives!

With gratitude,

Deb Naro
Executive Director

Support Us by Enrolling in KidCents 

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  • Click “Select a Charity” on the left side of the screen
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By rounding up your Rite Aid purchase, you are helping us to extend our reach within the community to help prevent substance misuse among our youth and build bright futures. 

Get Involved – Volunteer!

CADY needs everyone in the community working together to create the kind of environment that raises healthy youth with the skills and values for living authentic, responsible, and productive lives. There are many of different ways to help out, from volunteering on a single project to becoming an ongoing volunteer or intern with one of our programs. Contact Ann Stark, CADY Executive Assistant, at or call 536-9793 to learn more about volunteer opportunities.