Our Core Values

Educate!  Engage!  Empower!
Each day we work toward a community that engages our youth around the issues of underage drinking and drug use. We seek to educate all sectors of our community on the dangers and impact of underage drug and alcohol use, build protective factors, and empower our youth to make healthy choices.

Diversity & Sensitivity
We treat our staff, community partners, and volunteers with respect and dignity. We value cultural and ethnic diversity, understanding the sensitivity of the issues we face together. We continually seek to understand and honor each person as an individual.

We place value both on the sense of community we maintain inside CADY and on the way we weave ourselves into the fabric of the larger community. Our culture at CADY is built on an ideal of equality and a spirit of teamwork, where all members are valued for their individual contributions and as a member of our team.

Commitment to Excellence 
We approach our work with professionalism, integrity and commitment. We seek to continuously improve in all that we do, and service to our community comes first.