ACEs: Changing The Outcome


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ACEs Toolkit Template Examples


We are proud to introduce, THE ACEs TOOLKIT – CHANGING THE OUTCOME©  

A toolkit for trauma-informed prevention.

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are potentially traumatic events that can have negative consequences to a child’s brain and physical development, including an increased risk for a substance use disorder. It’s critical for substance misuse prevention providers and other practitioners who work with children, youth and families to have the tools to integrate an understanding of ACEs into their work. This research-based toolkit will provide an efficient and effective grounding in the science and methods of trauma-informed practice. Adverse Childhood Experiences: Changing the Outcome© includes research-based training modules, practical prevention outreach and communication and media tools to help you implement trauma-sensitive practices.

This toolkit:

  • Is designed for prevention providers, coalitions, schools, and mental health professionals who work with children, youth and families.
  • Includes training modules, tools and templates that are carefully curated from authoritative, research-based sources and updated annually.
  • Includes practical tips for using the templates, and strategies for implementing trauma-informed substance misuse prevention.


Sample Training Topics:

Introduction to ACEs and Trauma
Trauma-Informed Care
Respond to Trauma: Become a Trauma-Informed Organization
Roadmap to Trauma-Informed Care
Recognize Trauma and Screening for ACEs
Responding to ACEs with Hope and Resilience

Training Modules are comprised of multi-media training videos that explore various aspects of putting a trauma-informed approach to work in your organization and practice. Each of these modules take 1-2 hours to complete and may be used by anyone in your organization to build their knowledge base and lay the foundation for a trauma-informed organizational culture.

These modules are designed for prevention practitioners, educators, and others who deliver services to children and families and whose work embraces a focus on prevention. We draw from evidence-based resources and frameworks, carefully curated to efficiently impart key concepts and strategies. The modules will guide you through the material in a learner-friendly manner, building upon topics to provide a comprehensive training in ACEs and trauma-informed approaches.