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Changing the Conversation Template Examples


Changing the Conversation: Addiction, Treatment and Recovery © is a time-saving tool that provides topic-specific content for adult audiences on lifespan substance abuse related risks, addiction, treatment, and recovery.  Changing the Conversation is research-based with sources including:  NIDA, CDC, SAMHSA and many more.  To ensure accuracy of data, templates are updated annually, and for the first year, will be sent to those who have purchased within one year.  For ease of use, the TOOLKIT content is divided by topic with enough information to achieve a year-long (52 week) prevention messaging campaign via social media or traditional print outlets.

Changing the Conversation: Addiction, Treatment and Recovery © is a strategic, 12-Month Media Campaign Researched and Ready to Go!  Included in this Toolkit is everything you need to:

  • Increase awareness, understanding and empathy on the disease of addiction and mental health disorders.
  • Reduce stigma, distrust, shame, fear and discrimination.
  • Change language to “person-first” communication — words do matter.
  • Encourage and inspire people who need help to seek treatment and recovery supports.
  • Advance policy, practice, and systems by responding to Surgeon General Murthy’s “Call to Action.”


“If your organization is looking to shape the future of the conversation on addiction, I recommend the Prevention Accelerator CHANGING THE CONVERSATION toolkit from CADY, Inc. The amount of research and effort that has gone into creating the content for this toolkit is incredible. The ads are smart and effective, the articles are all well researched and appropriate, and the toolkit is so well organized that it is very easy to use. We at Granite Recovery Centers are incredibly grateful to CADY for taking the time to craft such a powerful, conversation-shaping toolkit. It is an invaluable, time-saving resource for us, and it moves the conversation on addiction in the right direction.”
Eric Spofford, Granite Recovery Centers

“Not only is the clinical content of the Toolkit accurate, the credibility of your source materials allows for impactful dialogue with decision makers, such as law enforcement officers, local politicians, hospital personnel, referral sources, and potential funders. Our CEO, Dr. Matt Burden, Ph.D., a developmental psychologist, literally went through page-by-page, making notes on talking points that he can use with community leaders. This is a great resource that can be easily adapted by any community that is in need of increasing dialogue on behavioral health issues.”
Daniel J. Peck, MSW, LCSW, Chief of Clinical Operations, Swanson Center

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