Ready! Set! Done!


READY! SET! DONE! Template Examples


We have designed The READY! SET! DONE!© Prevention Messaging Toolkit to assist busy prevention professionals deliver clear, consistent, and credible drug-free messages to their adult communities.

In our fast-paced work environment, time is money.  Whether you are new to the field or a seasoned prevention professional, your time is limited.  The READY! SET! DONE! Toolkit will help achieve more in less time by helping us work smarter—more strategically—not harder.   This easy-to-use system is designed to advance work plans and lighten workloads by helping you:

  • Elevate visibility within your adult community.
  • Enhance and Expand productivity.
  • Efficiently target resources.
  • Calendar aligned with the Office of National Drug Control Strategy Priorities (ONDCP).
  • Achieve greater visibility via 12 months of ongoing multi-tiered messaging compiled from trusted sources;
  • Enhance and expand your productivity with easy-to-use  materials that will promote your mission and organization;
  • Get your message out in a timely manner—in a matter of minutes you will be sending clear, consistent messages tailored to your local community;
  • Implement a field-tested, media campaign that will debunk myths about substance abuse with science-based facts;
  • Elevate your marketing and outreach with content specific to major events, holidays, and national campaigns;
  • Allocate your limited resources more effectively and efficiently.

We believe the READY! SET! DONE!© Prevention Messaging Toolkit will help harness the power of messaging to enhance your drug-free outcomes.

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