“The Prevention Accelerator has been a huge asset to our community. It has assisted in building our coalition’s capacity through education and awareness!”

-Kim Linkel
Coalition for a Drug-Free Batesville, IN
“I love your Products!”

-Cathy Williams, DFC Coordinator
KY Agency for Substance Abuse Policy
“The Prevention Accelerator is so easy to use! We can send newsletters, ads and articles to the parents in our school community in just a few minutes. The messages are relevant and powerful, and we can put our school logo on every message! I have actually had parents come up to me and thank me for putting it there as it gives them an easy opening to start a conversation with their child and even sometimes other adults in their lives. Thank you Prevention Accelerator!”

-Christine Woodland, Health Teacher
Moultonborough Academy, NH
“We love The Prevention Accelerator! We own all four! Everyone is busy and these ready made media and conversation kits make outreach through various media outlets SO easy! Often I can sit down and schedule a whole month’s worth of media in a short period of time. This system has given our prevention coalition the messaging tools we need to increase awareness about the problems of youth substance misuse in our community, as well as practical solutions! The digital messaging templates are easy to use for social media as well as traditional print news outlets. It’s been a huge time-saver!”

-Sara McGregor-Okroi
Aliive Roberts County, SD
“Not only is the clinical content of the Changing the Conversation: Addiction, Treatment and Recovery Toolkit accurate, the credibility of your source materials allows for impactful dialogue with decision makers, such as law enforcement officers, local politicians, hospital personnel, referral sources, and potential funders. Our CEO, Dr. Matt Burden, Ph.D., a developmental psychologist, literally went through page-by-page, making notes on talking points that he can use with community leaders. This is a great resource that can be easily adapted by any community that is in need of increasing dialogue on behavioral health issues.”

-Daniel J. Peck, MSW, LCSW, Chief of Clinical Operations
Swanson Center, IN