Lions Quest

Lions Quest is an evidence-based Pre-K-12 Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) program. Social and emotional skills provide the foundation for dealing with anger, frustration, and stress — preventing negative behaviors (such as misusing drugs and alcohol) and developing positive school behaviors that increase academic performance. This program helps young people develop the skills and strength of character needed to succeed as adults.

There are studies showing that Lions Quest has improved school climate, student-teacher relationships, interpersonal skills, and commitment to service. This program also focuses on increasing young people’s resilience. Not only are they receiving the education and awareness surrounding drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, but they are learning how to identify what they stand for and value, in turn increasing their healthy decision making. Learning how to combat peer pressure, deal with stress and anxiety appropriately, and seek help if needed are all components of the program.

Lions Quest – Plymouth Elementary School 5th Grade 2018