Parent Programs

F.A.S.T.E.R Peer Support Group for Parents


KAPER (Kids and Parents Enriching Relationships)

New Hampton School provides the setting for the annual Kids and Parents Enriching Relationships (KAPER) Conference. This conference brings seventh grade students and their parents together for a day focused on building communication skills and positive relationships to reduce risk factors and highlight protective factors during the critical formative years. The conference features a wide variety of interactive breakout sessions ranging from mask making, team building, physical fitness activities, art, dance, communication skills, and information and awareness on teen and family issues.

The KAPER Conference is sponsored by SAU 4 – Newfound Area School District, Newfound Memorial Middle School and CADY.

Prime for Life Under 21

CADY serves as a referral source for the “Prime For Life “Under 21“, a curriculum for all ages that teaches the science of addiction and how it begins early with social and psychological dependence.  Whatever the substance, the stages and key points of prevention are constant.  Learn about how genetics and biology combine with quantity and frequency of use to define risk.

A compelling prevention curriculum for all ages.

Prime for Life Under 21 is a powerful educational series used as a resource and referral program for alcohol problems and other chemical dependency. It is offered to professionals and parents alike.

Please contact the CADY Office for referral information 603-536-9793.