Central NH Public Health Advisory Council (PHAC)

The Central NH Public Health Advisory Council (PHAC) is comprised of several board members of the Central NH Health Partnership organizations and various community stakeholders including representatives from local businesses, law enforcement, education, community, and family support services.

The role of the PHAC is to advise the Regional Public Health Network partners by identifying regional public health priorities based on assessments of community health; guiding the implementation of programs, practices, and policies that are evidence-informed to improve health outcomes; and advancing the coordination of services among partners. Additionally, the PHAC structure is intended to build on and, when feasible, blend existing local leadership and coordinating groups working on various public health issues.

Central NH Public Health Region- Community Health Improvement Plan 2022-2027

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For more information about the Central NH PHAC, contact Deb Naro at dnaro@cadyinc.org or 603-536-9793.