Youth Advocacy & Advisory Council (YAAC)

Youth Leadership and Empowerment

The YAAC was formed by CADY as a vehicle to give Plymouth Regional High School students a means of taking positive action to impact their environments and being part of the solution to problems relating to substance misuse.

The YAAC utilizes the Youth to Youth Empowerment Model which includes three core steps:
  1. Education/Information:  Youth leaders are provided with the background information needed to develop and understand pertinent issues.  This provides the inspiration to act.
  2. Skill:  Youth are provided with the skills needed to take action and cause change.  This includes skill sets such as working effectively with media tools, providing a youth voice in the development of local prevention initiatives, and how to speak so people will listen.
  3. Action:  Youth are provided the opportunity to use their leadership skills in the real world.  They are given the chance to mentor younger students, produce videos and PSAs for YouTube, local radio stations and Public Access TV, and participate in local and statewide advocacy projects.

The opportunity to take action and effect change is where the empowerment process is completed!

We’re on the lookout for new recruits!

For more information about the YAAC Program, contact Liz Brochu at or (603) 536-9793.

CADY YAAC Recruitment Flyer

CADY YAAC Project Outcomes

YAAC Public Service Announcements (2023)

Guessing Game

Can I Have a Puff?

NH Youth-In-Action Award

NH Youth-In-Action Award

Pictured left to right: New Futures Policy Director Michele D. Merritt, Esq., YAAC youth Toby Phillips, Tory Warner, Nora Doyle, Mack Doyle, Mollie Brown, Rosa Bailey, CADY Youth Services Coordinator, Liz Brochu, and New Futures Executive Director, Linda Saunders Paquette, Esq. receiving their award at a ceremony held at the Grappone Center in Concord, on October 8th. YAACs not pictured: Christian Bixby, Chante Comeau, Nakiya Smith and Nic Titus.

The New Future’s Youth in Action Award acknowledges the important role youth play in reducing and preventing alcohol and other drug problems in New Hampshire. The CADY Youth Advisory and Advocacy Council did an amazing job testifying before the Senate Finance Committee this past session on the importance of funding youth prevention programs. The group worked hard on a well thought out presentation and stayed on message—even when thrown a curve ball related to marijuana—which they answered with incredible aplomb. CADY youth carry the message of what it is like to be a kid today. Working with The Partnership for a Drug-Free NH, they share the #pledge2talk campaign with adults in their community and beyond. CADY educates community members about the impact of marijuana use on youth. The YAACs have also been active on the local level, helping folks in their town navigate what a medical marijuana dispensary could mean for increased youth access to marijuana. We are grateful for all of your outstanding work and are very pleased to honor you.”

~Linda Saunders Paquette, New Futures Executive Director