COVID-19 Resources and Support

Dear Friend,

As COVID-19 continues to unfold, we are all learning, adjusting and growing—hour by hour and day by day, at times minute by minute.  We are cancelling events and implementing new strategies, protocols, and procedures to reach people in new ways via high-quality remote outreach, education, and telehealth practices. The landscape is changing so quickly it’s hard to navigate; however, if we stay calm and go slow, I’m confident we’ll reach our destination of health and safety. That said, this new reality isn’t stress free and can be hard on each of us professionally and personally.

Despite social distancing, there are many ways we can care for one another. Getting outside is one of the best things we can do to keep ourselves healthy, physically and mentally. Nature is proven to be therapeutic on many levels and we live in a region that is rich with walking and biking trails, mountains, lakes, and beautiful scenic views. I hope you will take 3 minutes to watch this amazing video that speaks to the value of nature for our children

With increased online education and virtual meetings, we will soon find ourselves saturated with media. One good way to unplug is with good old-fashioned board games around the kitchen table (be sure to mute iPhones and relocate these addictive devices to another room). One of things we need most is simply the presence of caring people in our lives who are able and willing to listen deeply to our cares and concerns. There are more strategies and resources included in the links of this eNewsletter that we hope you will find helpful.

There’s certainly no roadmap to navigating these challenging times—we all just need to keep doing our best, stay positive, practice self-care, and nurture hope in others. While we observe CDC social distancing guidelines, be sure to get a daily dose of hugs from your loved ones—living life at a slower pace will help us to survive this monumental challenge and build resiliency in ourselves and our children so we may all grow and thrive each and every day.

Please know that our thoughts are with you and your family as we all respond to this monumental challenge. We are so grateful for your support—together, we will get through this pandemic with compassion, caring, and commitment.

Please stay strong, healthy, and hopeful,

Deb Naro


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Everyday Prevention

Prevention Action Alliance offers practical tips that you can use immediately to support a happy, healthy, safe, and drug-free family, home, and community. When this difficult time is over, we want youth to emerge happy, healthy, and resilient because……. everyone has a role in preventionRead today’s daily tip