Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Peer Assisted Recovery Virtual Bootcamp

Beginning March 1, 2021!

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History of Lies (CANCELLED)

Thursday, March 4, 2021


Presented by: Dover Youth 2 Youth

This presentation focuses on the ways in which the tobacco industry used its advertising and promotions in misleading and deceptive ways to obscure the actual risks associated with tobacco use. This advertising–along with the industry’s other deceptive and untruthful activities and statements—are chronicled in a “History of Lies” spanning the past 100+ years.

Virtual Screening and Panel Discussion of “Resilience”

Wednesday, March 10, 2021



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Teen Culture

Thursday, March 18, 2021


Presented by: Samantha Worth, NH Teen Institute

An opportunity for adults to learn more about the music, TV, movies, websites, and apps around NH (and the country) that currently excite our teens. This is an opportunity to explore many ways that popular youth culture has changed and the many ways in which teenagers today are similar to those who came before them.

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Taylor’s Message

Thursday, April 8, 2021


Presented by: Kathi Sullivan

After a night of binge drinking and poor choices at a series of underage drinking parties, Kathi’s 17-year old daughter Taylor, wandered away alone in the woods, and drowned in only two feet of water. They found her 3 days later.

Two months later, Kathy started sharing Taylor’s story with students and parents in the hopes that her message would enlighten others about the dangers of underage drinking and poor choices. Passionate about reaching hearts and minds, she simply shares what happened that night, how it could have been prevented and how Taylor’s death has affected her family, Taylor’s friends, and the community. Students and parents leave Kathi’s presentation feeling like it was their friend or daughter that was lost that fateful night. Her presentation goes far beyond binge drinking, underage drinking, and poor choices! Each audience member will take away something different.

Kathy has made it her mission in life to spread Taylor’s Message. Kathi’s presentation is heart-wrenching but ends with an inspiration message of hope, love and a newfound power for students to deal with peer pressure and tough choices they face every day. Her honesty, openness, and heartfelt message is packed with powerful take-aways and is a presentation that will not be soon forgotten.

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Prime for Life Preview: What is Responsible Drinking?

Thursday, April 15, 2021


Presented by: Liz Brochu, CADY Youth Services Director/Certified Prevention Specialist and Emily Shanahan, CADY Outreach and Communications Director/Certified Prevention Specialist

Prime for Life, an evidence-based prevention, intervention and pre-treatment program, helps people learn to reduce their risk of alcohol and drug-related problems throughout life. This webinar will briefly cover the National drinking norms for adults and discuss what responsible/moderate drinking really means.

An understanding of potential risks associated with high-risk alcohol choices is an important tool for protecting what we value. When presented in a non-judgmental way, carefully selected information can provoke new thinking and provide individuals with a solid basis for making decisions about their own alcohol use.

Results from more than 28 years of instructors teaching Prime for Life indicate the the curriculum is effective in helping participants change their high-risk behaviors. Prime for Life has also been shown to reduce recidivism and increase abstinence.

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8 Things About Alcohol

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Presented by: CADY’s Youth Advisory and Advocacy Council

The presentation begins with a discussion of the alcohol industry’s advertising strategy: advertising by association. The student presenters discuss how the industry uses association-style advertising to connect alcohol with positive images, such as: people who have lots of friends, are athletic, are attractive, or who are having fun. The presenters emphasize that often these images used in ads have nothing to do with the actual results of using the product.

The presenters then go on to discuss how many of the images that the industry uses are particularly attractive to a young audience. The use of this type of advertising is problematic because it creates the impression in young people’s minds that the alcohol use is risk-free, harmless and “everyone is doing it.”

In the core of this presentation students emphasize the “Eight Consequences of Alcohol Use that the Alcohol Industry Won’t Warn You About.”

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Family Fun Night

Thursday, May 6, 2021


Join us for a night of music, prizes, and a WHOLE LOT OF FUN!

Gather your families and get ready to have an incredible evening!

The CADY Musical Scavenger Hunt is a unique, fun-filled family activity for ALL ages! Solve the musical riddles with your family to win prizes–multiple ways to win!

Listen carefully to the musical guru, Tim Keefe’s musical clues; be prepared to hunt for items to share; and enjoy a family game night like none other!

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