Recording: “Taylor’s Message”

After a night of binge drinking and high-risk choices at a series of underage parties, Kathi’s 17 year old daughter Taylor wandered away alone in the woods, and drowned in only two feet of water. They found her 3 days later.

Two months later Kathi, Taylor’s mom, started sharing Taylor’s story with students and parents in hopes that her message would enlighten others on the dangers of underage drinking and high-risk choices. Passionate about reaching students hearts and minds, she simply shares with students what happened that night, how it could have been prevented and how Taylor’s death has affected her family, Taylor’s friends and the community. Students and parents leave Kathi’s presentation feeling like it was their friend or daughter that was lost that fateful night. Her presentation goes far beyond binge drinking, underage drinking and high-risk choices. Each audience member takes away something different.

Kathy has made it her mission in life to spread Taylor’s Message. Kathi’s presentation is heart-wrenching but ends with an inspiration message of hope, love and a newfound power for students to deal with peer pressure and tough choices they face every day. Her honesty, openness, and heartfelt message is packed with powerful take-aways and is a presentation that will not be soon forgotten.