Webinar Recording: 8 Things About Alcohol

8 Things About Alcohol

Presented by: CADY’s Youth Advisory and Advocacy Council

This presentation begins with a discussion of the alcohol industry’s advertising strategy: advertising by association. The student presenters discuss how the industry uses association-style advertising to connect alcohol with positive images, such as: people who have lots of friends, are athletic, are attractive, or who are having fun. The presenters emphasize that often these images used in ads have nothing to do with the actual results of using the product.

The presenters then go on to discuss how many of the images that the industry uses are particularly attractive to a young audience. The use of this type of advertising is problematic because it creates the impression in young people’s minds that the alcohol use is risk-free, harmless and “everyone is doing it.”

In the core of this presentation students emphasize the “Eight Consequences of Alcohol Use that the Alcohol Industry Won’t Warn You About.”