Parent Advisory Council (PAC) Webinar Series 2020-2021


PAC Mission Statement

The Parent Advisory Council represents the voice of Central NH families who are dedicated to building healthy environments and promising futures for our children and youth.

Our Mission

The Central NH Parent Advisory Council (PAC) facilitated by CADY is the recognized representative for the collective voice of parents in our region. PAC is made up of parent leaders from each of our regions (Pemi-Baker; Newfound; and Lincoln-Woodstock).

We also advise CADY on health-related issues, based on parents’ perspectives and our recommendations. This is done by working with CADY in a two-way networking model:  parents informing CADY of their needs and perspectives and CADY informing parents of current trends and strategies related to parenting for prevention.

The PAC actively reaches out to engage parents in prevention decision-making processes and builds a partnership for youth wellness and safety among families, Communities for Alcohol- and Drug-Free Youth, and the Central NH Public Health Network. The PAC facilitates the interactions among parents and CADY and CADY supports parents in capacity-building initiatives that build the resiliency of our children and promising futures of our youth.